Episode 1: Off the Grid


Welcome to Remains, a podcast by me, Janice Cantieri, documenting the search for a stolen skull. Four years ago, I was on a Fulbright-National Geographic Fellowship and was stuck off-the-grid for two months on the remote Pacific island of Banaba.

While I was there, I was asked by the island’s elders to find and return a skull, belonging to one of their most important ancestors, that had been stolen from the island sometime in the 1920s. This podcast tells the story of the search for the stolen skull, the ongoing impacts of Western colonialism and extractive industries, and the resilience of the Banaban people. 

Throughout the series, we’ll invite Banabans on to share their stories about their missing ancestor, along with experts in the trade of stolen cultural artifacts, and whoever else we might meet along the way!

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-Janice Cantieri