Episode 3: The Search Begins


Welcome to Episode 3 of REMAINS. In this episode, I’ll come back on the grid and we’ll find out who removed the skull from Banaba. My parents, Carol and Tom, will share their experiences trying to track me down after I’d been missing for over a month.

We’ll also hear from Ken Sigrah and Stacey King, who will tell us how they came to learn about Dr. Eben Coleman Gould, the American doctor who stole the skull. Ken is a spokesman for the Te Aka clan and Stacey is an author and businesswoman whose ancestors worked for the mining company. They’ve published several books on Banaban culture and history, including Te Rii Ni Banaba. The second edition of this book has just been released and is available here. We’ll hear more from Ken and Stacey next week as well!

Dr. Gould, who removed the skull from Banaba, and the hospital staff on Banaba, including Matron Harkness and hospital dresser Tekiera. Image courtesy of the National Archives of Australia.

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Thank you for listening!