Episode 4: Inheriting the Search


Welcome to Episode 4 of REMAINS. In this episode, Ken Sigrah and Stacey King will join us from Australia again to share their journey and their connection to Banaba’s history and culture. Ken will also share a legend about the great warrior Teimanaia, so we get a sense of who this ancestor was and why his skull is so important to the Banaban people. 

We heard from Ken and Stacey on the last episode, but today they’ll be sharing more with us about their efforts to help preserve the Banaban culture and story, finding and returning Banaban artifacts from museums, and staying connected to the Banabans while living in Australia. We’ll resume the search in the next episode!

Ken and Stacey’s book about Banaban history and culture, Te Rii Ni Banaba, can be found here. Stacey’s new historical fiction set on the island, Naaka’s Awakening, can be found here, and you can visit their website here.

To Banaban listeners—please reach out to me via email or messenger if you have a story to share—I am trying to include as many perspectives as possible on the show. Thank you all for listening!